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Publishing Games with Game Viewer to Web Site using ChessBase 14

Updated: 2 days ago

This is very easy!

This method will provide a game viewer, including all variations, with both a board view and the game moves.

1. You will first need to download ChessBase Reader 2017.

2. Prepare the game (annotations, etc.) using ChessBase and save in a database.

3. In the database list of games, highlight all the games you want to export, right click on them, and then select Output -> Publish to Web

4. In the dialog box, select "Create a HTML File"

(See images for examples)

5. Save the file

6. Open the file as a text file (notepad works good) and copy all of the text.

7. On the website in the desired location create a new "HTML code" element, it helps to first maximize the width.

8. Click on the HTML element and select "edit HTML" -> "HTML code", and then paste in the HTML. Save and presto you are done!

NOTE: delete the EVP code from within the chess base code on EVERY game to make sure the width is auto-formatted to the element it is within on the website.

UPDATE: now that I figured it out "the hard way", I see chessbase has some articles:

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