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29th Space Coast Open in photos

Updated: 2 days ago

GM Jianchao Zhou 1st Master/Expert (photo: Rajamani)
Fabio Lozano 1st Class A tie (photo: Rajamani)
Jolie Huang 1st Class A tie (photo: Rajamani)
coOrganizer Peter Dyson congratulates coOrganizer and prize winner Sureshkumar Rajamani 3rd Class A tie (photo: Rajamani)
Class D prize winners (photo: Rajamani)

Truman Hoang 1st U2200 tie (photo: Dyson)
Yaseen Osman 2nd Pl Class D tie (photo: Dyson)
Scott Ramer 2nd Place tie (photo: Dyson)
Class C 1st Pl tie Vicentiu Iorga, Alex Dshalalow, Kiani Walker, Eduardo Meza-Luna (photo: Dyson)
Brandon Blackwell 1st Place Class D (photo: Dyson)

Ayush Maddikonda 1st U2200 tie (photo: Dyson)
Class B 2nd tie Leonardo Hernandez, Angel Barrios (photo: Dyson)

Brian Ordonez Class E 1st place (photo: Haskel)

Clinton Young Class B 1st Place (photo: Haskel)
Class B 2nd winners Leonardo Hernandez and Angel Barrios with organizer Peter Dyson (photo: Rajamani)

Zoe Zelner and Class A players (photo: Dyson)
Round 5 Master Section (photo: Dyson)
Round 5 Board 6 Aniket Shukla vs Marvin Gao (photo: Dyson)
Round 5 Board 5 Brejesh Chakrabarti (photo: Dyson)
Nick Moore(hoody) and Vincent Stone (photo: Dyson)
Joseph Wan and Andrew Rea (photo: Dyson)
Joseph Wan and Andrew Rea (photo: Dyson)
IM Facundo Pierrot (photo: Dyson)
GM Zhou (photo: Dyson)

GM Zhou and Roshan Jayaraman (photo: Dyson)
Catherine Zelner (photo: Dyson)
Brandon Vila and IM Mikhail Zlotnikov (photo: Dyson)

Arav Patel and Raghav Venkat (photo: Dyson)
Ayush Maddikonda and Jacorey Bynum (photo: Dyson)

Action on all boards (photo: Haskel)
Theo Slade lecture (photo: Dyson)
Theo Slade lecture (photo: Dyson)

Nick Moore Lecture (photo: Dyson)
Nick Moore Lecture (photo: Dyson)

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