Where to Play Chess

There are no formally organized chess clubs in Brevard County. However there are several places where players meet regularly to play chess.

Sun Shoppe Cafe - located in downtown Melbourne. Main time for chess is Saturday afternoon 1-4 P.M., but it appears that chess players are welcome anytime.

The 905 Cafe - located in downtown Melbourne. Has chess boards and pieces, but no formal gathering time. You probably need to bring your own opponent.

Arby's, West Melbourne - The manager, Stu Zoltan, hosts chess players on Thursday evenings, 5:15-9 P.M.

Merritt Island Mall Food Court - A small group gathers. Most play is timed 15 minute games. Sunday and Thursday 11 A.M. - 3 P.M.

This page last updated December 8, 2019.