Resources & Coaching

Currently the Space Coast Chess Foundation does not offer group or individual instruction, with the exception of free Seminars that are offered as part of our annual Space Coast Open Chess Festival. For information on these seminars, refer to information on the festival.

As a service to the community, we will provide information on this page about chess classes and coaches in the Brevard County area. The providers of these services are independent from the Space Coast Chess Foundation. We assume no responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided or for any aspects of the services provided.

Coaches and Classes

  • Steven Vigil is a tournament director and chess teacher. He offers after school chess classes at several Brevard County schools. He also gives private lessons by appointment. 
  • Sureshkumar Rajamani is an Expert rated chess player,  board member of the Space Coast Chess Foundation and coach at RSK Chess Academy. He offers chess classes for individuals or groups in person or online by appointment.
  • Brevard Chess Club has a weekly kids chess event which is free to attend. Kids gather and play some games and learn some tricks from intermediate to advanced chess players. For more information:

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