September 2, 2018

Publishing Games with Game Viewer to Web Site using ChessBase 14

This is very easy!

This method will provide a game viewer, including all variations, with both a board view and the game moves.

1. Prepare the game (annotations, etc.) using ChessBase and save in a database.
2. In the database list of games, right click on the game (or highlight multiple games) and then select Output -> Publish to Web
3. In the dialog box, select "Create a HTML File"

4. Save the file
5. Open the file (if it does not open automatically). You will see the PGN for the game(s). Note: If you selected multiple games, there will be a drop down box above the board window in the final display allowing toggling between games.
6. Right click in the browser window displaying the PGN and select "View Source".
7. Select all the html code and copy it to the target page of your web site. Save and presto you are done!

UPDATE: now that I figured it out "the hard way", I see chessbase has some articles:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

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