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2017 Space Coast Open (April 28-30, 2017) - Tony Burrus

A much anticipated event in Florida, this year’s 24th edition of the Space Coast Open took place on the beachy island that is Cocoa Beach, Florida. Big waves and an upcoming rocket launching were not the only things to splash the sunny town with excitement. 2700 + rated GMs and over two hundred battle ready chess playing warriors added a whole new dimension to Cocoa Beach. The prestigious event started on Friday April 28 at 7:30 p.m. 2016 U.S. Women’s Champion, IM Nazi Paikidze, also made a special appearance. Paikidze played a simul against eleven scholastic players and hosted instructive lectures for chess players and fans alike. James Wnek, a player in the simul had this to say; “Her (Nazi) play was extremely inspiring and provided excellent insight into how to counter attack. The simul was a chance of a lifetime for me as Nazi Paikidze has been one of my favorite players for several years now.” GM Timur Gareyev also hosted a simul in which he played blindfolded on all of the board

1st Brilliancy Prize: Corey Acor vs. Julio Becerra

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2nd Brilliancy Prize: Yan Miellier vs. Timur Gareyev

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3rd Brilliancy Prize: Camille Sibbitt vs. Justin Almazan

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Who Needs a Chess Board Anyway? A Report on the 24th Space Coast Open - Peter Dyson

On Saturday afternoon I returned to the tournament hall from Mambo’s, the outdoor oceanfront restaurant at the Cocoa Beach International Palms Resort where the Space Coast Open has been held the past few years. It was shortly before the 3rd round and I trailed behind my wife and sister-in-law, my thoughts mostly on some organizational details to attend to before taking my assigned board. “Hey!” a man’s soft voice called out from one of the hotel rooms I was passing. So quiet at first it barely registered on my consciousness, and once it did, I assumed it was not mean for me and continued on my way. “Hey!” still very soft, but now more insistent. I turned to confirm the greeting was not meant for me only to see the tall lanky figure of GM Timur Gareyev standing in the doorway of his hotel room, shirtless and in the standard Cocoa Beach attire – a swim suit. I stopped to chat a few minutes. Timur was on his way to the beach for a dip in the ocean and he invited me along. With only abou

24th Space Coast Open Cross Table - Final Standings - April 28-30-2017

24TH SPACE COAST OPEN SwissSys Standings. 24TH SPACE COAST OPEN: MASTER/EXPERT # Name Rtng Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Tot TBrk [M] TBrk [S] TBrk [C] TBrk [O] Prize 1 GM TIMUR GAREYEV 2694 W26 W22 W6 W9 D2 4.5 13 15.5 14.5 49.5 1500.00/Trophy 2 GM JULIO J BECERRA 2634 W27 W7 W5 D4 D1 4.0 16 18.5 13.5 56 675.00 3 FM CESAR JOSE VALIDO 2334 D31 W15 W12 W8 D4 4.0 13.5 15.5 12 43.5 675.00/Trophy 4 GM YUNIESKY QUESADA PEREZ